Presently, as the Australia’s population keeps rising steadily, the residential area near the main cities is dwindling. As such, individuals and investors who are out to make a kill have been thinking outside the box and becoming very creative. The local and state governments, aware of the rising costs of living are trying to facilitate the provision of cheap rental properties. The common solution has come emerge in the form of the granny flat. Many people have large backyards that are lying idle. If you have a vast space in your backyard that is underutilized, you might as well think of investing in a granny flat. Apart from serving as separate living options for elderly parents, granny flats can increase the value of your property and turn into a wonderful source of rental income. The popularity of and demand for granny flats continues rising as people seek more affordable housing solutions in Sydney. And this is where cheap granny flats Sydney options come in.

We help homeowners to transform their backyard or any available and underused space around their home into cheap granny flats sydney options.

What We Can Offer

If you are looking to build granny flat home that is tailored to accommodate your budget and specifications, we are ready to do it. However, for those whose budget is tighter, we have designs for nice, standard granny flat at what can be termed as “ridiculous” prices. The standard designs are many with great features.

Out professional team is reputed as one of the leading granny builders in Sydney. Our superior raw materials are sourced from local and veteran Australian suppliers. Our construction materials attain to very high efficiencies standards that even exceed the ones the BCA (Building code of Australia) and the BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) specify.

The turnkey product we provide is simply unmatched. Do you want exceptional value for money by having your granny flat to be built by professionals? Then you can find the answer right here.

You don’t have to worry about the approval process for your granny flat as we take care of the whole process. Our internal certifiers normally handle the approval process which is completed in merely 10 days. There are no hassles since the process is absolutely smooth. With many years of experience under their belt, our accredited builders are constantly constructing top-notch granny flats in Sydney.

Even though there is an awesome variety of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom designs, we understand that when it comes to granny flat designs, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Obviously, each individual’s needs, property and budget differ greatly. This is why clients are given the opportunity to pick their preferred design from several designs available. Alternatively, architects can alter one of the standard designs or just create a new granny flat that meets your needs. The good news is that you will not pay extra money for this.

For more information on our cheap granny flats sydney options, contact our team in Sydney today!