Although the cost of Godaddy to provide a domain name or even to host a website on the net is not high, they often have promotions which make their prices even cheaper. Many of their promotions can be found on and by using those you can make the cost of creating and displaying your website very little. Although at one time you would have had to hire a professional who knew computer coding to help you build your website, software available from Worpress and others have made that need obsolete because the software does all the coding that is needed.

This means that with just some software and the assistance of Godaddy, you can have a website built and running in just 10 minutes. Although this is certainly possible, if you are a business and building a website for that business, you will want to take more time than that as it is an important piece of marketing today. It has been estimated that as many as 60% of shoppers, first look online for what they want, before going to even the nearest shop.

This means that in order to try and obtain some odf the business from that 60%, a business must have a presence on the internet. The trouble is today though that most businesses are on the internet, all plying for that 60% which means, your website has to stand out above the rest, especially above any competitors you may have. In order to make your website stand out, you could use Search Engine Optimization, often referred to as just SEO.

What SEO does is make a website get noticed by the search engines and the search engines then place that website at the top of their list of results when an online search is requested. This can make a great deal of difference to the number of visits your website gets and by people that are looking for something specific that you can provide.

All of these visitors are of course potential clients and so it is the quality of your website that will eventually determine as to whether or not they actually become paying customers to your business or not. It is for this reason that a professional presence when creating your website is a good choice.

The experience that a professional can offer at this time may pay huge dividends in the long term or perhaps even the short term if you also have them apply SEO to your website. One other SEO practice that gains visitors is to place back links on other websites.

This means that when someone visits a site with a link to your site on it, they are tempted to take that link and visit your site as well. Although these visitors may not have intended to buy anything on your website, if the site is well planned out, designed and interesting enough, they too may stick around long enough to also become customers, not just now but also well into the future.