Where ever you live or are planning to live, the chances are that at some time or other, you will need the services of a realtor in order to purchase a house. Although you may need a realtor’s services to complete the purchase, you can start your search for a house by looking at a MLS or multiple listing services for the area or country where you want to buy your house. MLS listings may not only show houses which are available to buy but may also have all sorts of other information that could be useful. In Canada an MLS will give you information about the community you are hoping to join. For instance, if you are thinking of moving to Calgary, it may tell you that it is the largest city in Alberta and it therefore has a very diverse population, made up of as many as 200 different ethnic groups. As there is no payroll tax though, it is thought to be a great place to live for both workers and business owners. The latest unemployment figures show that the city enjoys a rate that is around 5%, better than most major cities. The city also enjoys as many as 3.1 million tourists each year, many of whom come to enjoy the Calgary Stampede which, to Calgary, is the equivalent of the New Orleans Mardi Gras or Rio’s carnival. If you are considering moving to Edmonton, that same MLS may tell you that Edmonton is a booming oil town that frequently has more jobs than people to fill them. It may also tell you that it is sometimes referred to as the Gateway to the North and is known for having more urban parkland than any other city if North America, with 22 parks, 11 lakes and 14 ravines which are very scenic. The MLS may also tell you about Mississauga which was once a suburb of Toronto but is now Canada’s fastest growing city. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, Mississauga is thought to become a mid-size city in the near future and is already home to some of the most sought after real estate in the Toronto region. The MLS will also of course tell you something about the house that is available for sale and display a photograph of it. It will have a few details such as how many bedrooms the house has, how much land it occupies and of course the price. As the address of the house will also be displayed, it allows people to see how they look up close and prepare a short list of ones to ask the realtor more questions about and perhaps request a viewing. With so many houses available for sale today and the convenience of these MLS listings being on the internet for all to see, searching for a house that suits both your hopes and your budget; has become far easier than it used to be and that can only be a good thing.